About Us


Greetings from our Family!  I chose this pic because it makes me smile.  Yes, it's a selfie AND the sun was in our eyes...but this is who we are!  Welcome to the Morehead Family.

We established "Not Your Mama's Kitchen" in 2009 from a desire to get back to the foundation of life: faith, love for family, and spending time together.  As we focused on these priorities in our own home; we found ourselves in the kitchen more, preparing food and sharing meals.  When we found great products that made food prep easier, had fun cooking together, and had quality time with those that are most important to us...we wanted to share this with others. 

We noticed that like us, other families were struggling and spending less and less quality time together. As a culture, we rush through our busy days and juggle our hectic schedules often times missing out on what we consider to be one of the most important times of the day…”the family meal”.

Because of our deep faith we had a strong desire to see families draw close to one another again.  So we went to work in the kitchen searching for quality kitchen tools, faith based products and learning about food science.  We hope to pass what we have learned on to other families, giving them a hunger to get back in the kitchen and back to the basics….gathering together for meals, learning along side one another, and spending time with family again.

We could not have imagined the blessings that would come when we began this journey. Currently, we own and operate “Not Your Mama’s Kitchen Store” in Canton, Texas and we LOVE our customers!  It is our goal to treat every customer personally, meet their individual needs, and provide our customers with excellent care…which we like to refer to as “good old fashioned customer service”.

When you order from our online store we will be shipping those items from our home office located in the heart of Fort Worth, Texas!  We are super excited as we move forward with our new website, blogging, social media and more!  Our goal is to provide you with helpful info on food science, kitchen tools that make your life easier, and yummy recipes to share with those you love the most!

Thanks for taking the time to learn about Not Your Mama’s Kitchen.  We are looking forward to this adventure and hope you will join us!

Head Mama,


The Team