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Work on the Berry Farm

We made it...Harvest time is finally here!!  The Lord has greatly blessed us with an abundant crop of Aronia berries and we are so grateful.  Now, let's get pickin'!


We called in all the troops we could get to help with the harvest.  The workers range from my cousins young kiddos, our 13 year old son and his friends, my cousin and I (nope! not givin' ya our ages!!) all the way to my hard working dad at the tender young age of 77!  This is definately a family event and we LOVE it!


These boys have worked hard during harvest!  They have used every angle, from standing, stooping over and even crawling on the ground to pick the berries.  I am happy to say that they have done all this without grumbling and they have been a such a joy to work with!  It has been a delight to work along beside them in the fields.


Here's a picture of our first fruits!  It is overwhelming to us how the Lord has blessed and provided.  When I consider all the hard work that was put into preparing this crop of aronia berries, and then the task of watching and praying to see what the Lord will bring...simply put, Amazing!   I have to admit, it does bring tears to my eyes.


Okay, It's not all work and no play here on the farm!  We do take advantage of it when the opportunity comes for PLAY!!  These kiddos deserve some down time too.  They have worked so hard and we are extremely proud of them!  Isn't this what life is all about? ... "Teaching the next generation to live, work and serve before the Lord with a joy in your heart."


In future blogs we hope to offer more information about the Aronia Berry Farm detailing our crop and the huge health benefits associated with this small little fruit.  We just thought you might enjoy seeing a bit of the "behind the scenes" of harvesting a crop.

Green Mountain Organic Aronia Berry Farm

This is such an exciting time for us on the berry farm - - It is our FIRST HARVEST!!!  Don't they look gorgeous?    It won't be long before we have berries for sale.  Plus, we will post some yummy recipes starring this small little fruit that is PACKED full of nutrients!

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If you aren't familiar with aronia berries yet, here's a quick overview:

The aronia berry is native to North America and grows on a bush.  When the fruit ripens for harvest, it is a beautiful dark-purple cluster of plump berries.  Aronia berries have a tart-taste and a naturally high level of antioxidants.  In fact, they are the highest antioxidant berry!  Because of the berries "healing powers" they were highly popular among the Native Americans and early settlers of the United States.  Present day research shows that antioxidants help to protect the body against many different diseases and also aid in everyday health benefits.  So, they are delicious AND healthy!  With the current growing interest in fresh foods, raw food diets and living a healthier lifestyle in general, the aronia berry is making a come-back!  

Hopefully, we will be posting pics very soon of  our family pickin' berries!  We will keep you posted...

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